Zhumell Portable 50mm AZ Refractor Telescope with Smartphone Adapter

Product #: ZHUN003-1

  • Get up and go! This portable telescope, tripod, and accessories fit inside of a nylon duffle bag for convenience.
  • No tools are required for setup. Extend the tripod legs, slip in the optical tube and start observing.
  • Observe terrestrial or celestial objects with the erect image optics.
  • Comes with a smartphone adapter to instantly take images and/or videos of what you see through the eyepiece.

The Zhumell Portable 50mm AZ Refractor is the smallest in its family and is a perfect grab-and-go telescope for taking with you wherever you go; especially on camping trips, hikes, and backyard parties. Its compact body fits perfectly in the included nylon duffle bag, but within seconds you can be ready to observe.

The manual altitude azimuth (AZ) mount allows you to intuitively aim and point your telescope at your desired subject. Unlike some telescopes that render images upside down or inverted, this telescope features erect image optics that produce right-side-up images, perfect for viewing terrestrial subjects during the day, like nature and wildlife. Take your Portable AZ Refractor with you on your next adventure.

Technical Specifications