Zhumell 1.25" Laser Collimator

Product #: ZHUE029-1

The 1.25" - 45° Laser Collimator is the ideal tool to effectively collimate your Newtonian telescope. It is crucial to make sure your Newtonian telescope stays in collimation, or in alignment. Optics that are out of alignment will produce imperfect images. For example, stars will not come to a pinpoint focus and planets will look slightly hazy. The best way to prevent this from happening is to collimate your Newtonian telescope with a laser collimator.

Collimating a Newtonian reflector is easy! Simply place the laser collimator in your telescope's focuser. Turn it on and the beam of the laser will reflect off the optics of your telescope and finally return to the 45° viewing surface on the side of the laser collimator (this is the same point at which the laser beam is projected from the laser collimator). If the laser returns to the point at which the laser is projected, then your optics are collimated. If the laser returns anywhere else on the 45° viewing surface, your telescope is out of collimation and the proper adjustments must be made to your scope.

The laser collimator is factory aligned using the three recessed screws on its body. Do not adjust these or your collimator will not work properly. The laser is powered by three LR44 lithium batteries that are supplied with the unit.

Caution: The laser used in this collimator is a 5 milliWatt laser. This laser is safe and used in most common laser collimators. However, your eye should not receive direct exposure from this laser or direct exposure from this laser being reflected off of the mirror of your telescope, as it can cause permanent eye damage! Be careful when using this collimator, and keep out of the reach of children. Not a toy.

Technical Specifications