Zhumell Optic Cleaning Kit

Product #: ZHUL002-1

See clearly again!

Zhumell Lens Cleaning Kit banishes smudges!

Views deteriorating? Smears and smudges getting in your way? Then banish them with the Zhumell Lens Cleaning Kit. Professionally designed, the Zhumell Cleaning Kit performs cleaning magic on all optical surfaces. It's a complete optical care kit in one compact unit, and it's safe to use with delicate, anti-reflective coatings. 

Kit Includes:

  • Premium microfiber optical cleaning cloth
  • Specially formulated lens-cleaning fluid to get lenses sparkling clean without harming delicate surfaces and coatings
  • Super-flexible lens brush with bellows
  • Special, absorbent cleaning tissues
  • Soft, cotton swabs
  • Water-resistant, see-through plastic case

Technical Specifications