Zhumell 25x30 Bring em Near Pirate Spyglass

Product #: ZHUI016-1

Your own pirate's telescope!

Hearken to the days of yore when pirates roamed the Spanish Main! Pace the heaving quarterdeck of a triple-decked ship of the line beating to windward in a half gale.

Blackbeard himself might have swept the horizon in search of treasure ships with a telescope like the Zhumell Bring 'em Near 25x30 Pirate Spyglass.

Old Meets New
Indeed, with its burnished brass barrels and collapsible design, the Zhumell Bring 'em Near 25x30 Pirate Spyglass evokes images of the old sea dogs. But in many ways, it's strictly modern:

  • The 30mm objective lens and eyepiece are magnesium fluoride-coated to ensure optimal light transmission and image crispness throughout the entire field of view
  • Eye relief of 15mm accommodates eyeglass wearers
  • 25x magnification brings 'em near indeed
  • Knurled knob on the bottom barrel gives fast twist focus

So, with your spyglass in hand, relive the days of drumming sail and shivering timbers. Remember, though, that Blackbeard never had a glass so good.

Your new Zhumell Bring 'em Near 25x30 Pirate Spyglass offers the perfect blend. It puts 21st-century optics into 17th-century form.


Technical Specifications